The goal of each Tai Chi meditation is the generation of the ‘pre-natal chi’. In this way the historic Taoists from would have formulated it. Those who practice Tai Chi twice daily, and meditate, obtain power. It is a source of energy that is melting together in the stomach and, ultimately, flows over and fans out throughout the body. The physical and mental resistance will grow, which is reflected in good health, vitality, mental resistance, not to mention in supernatural powers, as many tai chi practitioners dare to add it. Practicing Tai Chi, whether the Yang is Chen- or Wu style, is in itself an excellent meditation. Many other forms of meditation fill the daily Tai Chi practice. Two of them are standing and sitting meditation.

Target groups for this video are All Levels.

Resi Messelink has her own school in Nijmegen, called T’ai Chi Chuan Nijmegen.

By becoming one with this process you transcend the time and you are moving into a new dimension: the timeless 4th dimension. Through the physical practice of the principles of T'ai Chi Chuan awareness can increase a material into a more energetic experience 'as if time stands still "; be in the moment.

T'ai Chi Chuan offers the possibility to expand / increase (ascension) of our consciousness because our energy gets space. The so-called 5th dimension. In the 5th dimension, there is a polarity everywhere all at once. Transcend the differences in the similarities are the starting point.

The connection to all that is. United with the source.

Dutch Spoken, 
12.30 minutes.