Short Form 1st Part Basic

The 'Form' in which one practices Tai Chi consists of a series of movements that merge smoothly into one another. This form is initially slowly, relaxed, and concentrated to go through. Within Tai Chi we have various styles appearance may differ but they do not principally differ. Some of these principles are: relaxation, good body structure from the feet up to the crown, moving from the middle and the yin-yang concept. By repeatedly passing the shape and partner exercises the essence of these principles will become clearer and deeper study. These movements belong to the yang style.

This is part of the hand form and created as a martial art. Nowadays people use it also for health purposes. Target group for this video is All Levels.

Ellen Schoemaker has her own school in Utrecht: Quintessence for Body and Mind. She is inspired by Patrick Kelly, which is her Tai Chi master since 1992. She is since January 2006 "senior instructor" in the system of Patrick Kelly. To become "senior instructor" you need a minimum of 20 years of experience in Tai Chi and you have had 10 years of intensive training at Patrick's.

The true concept of Tai Chi is not limited. It is open to all spheres of life while remaining centred on the refinement of inner spiritual essence. Tai Chi (Tai Chi), the Supreme Ultimate, is in practice what the 'Dao de Jing' (Tao Te Ching) expresses in principle. These principles remain universal throughout the known worlds, undiminished by their common reduction to intellectual ideas, emotional values, or religious rules, by the various races of the Earth. The universal principles and the method for bringing ourselves into harmony with them could be called the worldwide way, but are really beyond any name.

English spoken!

One video:
Explanation, plus demonstration frontal 9.48 minutes