SPP earth level, Body Movements

Single posture practice is about repeating again and again 1 posture of the Form.

The 'Form' is made up of movements that can vary by style but satisfy every style on a number of principles that form the core of what we might call Tai Chi. These principles are increasingly narrow and some of you are practicing it over and over again in the 'form' and partner exercises. The principles are responsible for the meditative and healing effect of this "soft" martial art. Some of the principles are relaxation (in action), body building from the feet up to the crown and the fingertips, moving from the center (Tantien), distinguishing yin and yang (heavy and light). William CC Cheng’s theory about Tai Chi: T’ai Chi Ch’uan is an internal martial art system as well as an inner body exercise dealing with inner energy (qi) flow. The inner energy flow is directed by a feeling from the heart. As the awareness of the feeling gradual increases the slow motion of the fingers guide the palms outward and upward as the toes gently press downward. The soft slow motion of the movements is like Hawaiian hula dancing. I call the motions of T’ai Chi Ch’uan “Fingers Dancing with the feeling heart”.

This is the hand form and created as a martial art. Nowadays people use the Form also for health purposes. Target group for this video is Advanced.

Epi van de Pol has his own school in Hilversum, called Epitaijiquan.

The teaching style Tai Chi is the short form of Yang Cheng Man Ching, until now the most common style in the Netherlands. Since Epi enjoyed a sabbatical period, his lesson emphasis shifted to the internal work of late Huang Sheng Shyan, who was one of the most advanced students of Cheng Man Ching.

Practicing Taijiquan consists of meditative completion of a movement sequence (shape) at a slow pace, which gives you the opportunity to relax and to feel a movement. The breathing becomes calm and deep, thinking calm while feeling in one's own body and the environment becomes more intense. Hands and feet are often warmer, the body feels light and heavy simultaneously and you get space inside. These events are generally perceived as very pleasant. Every day 15 minutes exercise is recommended.

His inspiration comes from two different masters: Wee Kee Jin and Peter Ralston.

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