August 2016


Chapter 1: General 

About taichi-at-home.com

Taichi-at-home.com provides members with high quality Tai Chi exercises and programs delivered by qualified, international Tai Chi teachers. Our Tai Chi videos have all the different styles and levels you need. Are you a beginner? This is the place to start! Are you a well-practiced Tai Chi teacher? You’ll find tons of inspiration for your next Tai Chi class! 

Taichi-at-home.com also contains a magazine with all you want to know about Tai Chi.

This site is full of online Tai Chi videos, articles, recipes, tutorials, tips and more. Once you have a subscription, hundreds of Tai Chi videos will be available to you—anytime, anywhere. You will be able to mark "favorite" videos, making it easier to find them in the future, and you will also be able to leave comments and feedback, which we welcome. You can follow your own teacher (YTO - Your Teacher Only), or a specific Master (Your Master Only).

In short, you will have a Tai Chi studio at your beck and call.

Besides searchable videos, at taichi@home you will also find programs. A program is a series of classes made around one theme. All of our programs are designed with a specific purpose in mind. Each one gives you a unique opportunity to improve your Tai Chi practice in a relatively short time. We have designed programs for first time beginners who don't know where to start, as well as programs for advanced Tai Chi student practitioners and teachers, and programs for specific techniques. You will also find programs that focus on awareness and meditation.

Feel free to browse around, check out the free Tai Chi classes, read some articles. Like what you see? Subscribing is easy and gives you instant access to every video in our growing library. We look forward to see you again!   




Studio: Gorterplaats 11b, 6531 HZ Nijmegen, the Netherlands    

We welcome suggestions or ideas from the taichi@home community who are passionate about Tai Chi and meditation and share our objectives of Real Tai Chi for Real People.

Please take a look at our magazine for an idea of our current content and style. Suggestions can be sent to info@taichi-at-home.com


Content ideas

  • We are looking for quality content from specialists in Tai Chi, meditation, anatomy and physiology, sports and martial arts, health care, Tai Chi therapy and injuries, psychology, personal development, nutrition, recipes, Tai Chi in relation to other sports or activities and more.
  • We also like to hear personal Tai Chi stories from our members and teacher trainees.
  • You are welcome to run ideas for content by us first to check the idea. Please note this is not a guarantee that the final article will be used.


Style and tone

  • Articles will vary in length depending on the type but should be a maximum of around 1500 words.
  • We like to keep our magazine fairly informal, as if you are talking to a friend. Creativity, humor and personal insights are welcome. Please use headings to break up text. We use American English. Use single spacing after full stops.
  • Articles should be free from advertising and commercial content unless we’ve agreed otherwise.
  • If you are including links to other websites, to other pages on Taichi-at-home.com or in your bio please include the full link in the text rather than just hyperlinks as these can get lost in some formats.
  • Please make sure your text and images stick to copyright laws. Content should be original and have not already appeared elsewhere. You are welcome to republish your article at a later date on your own website. However, please state that it originally appeared on the Taichi@home blog and include the correct URL link to it.
  • If you have used one major source for your research please include details with your submission.
  • We reserve the right to edit, change images or titles and add or remove links if appropriate. We will run any major changes by you before publishing to make sure you are happy with them.
  • Include a short bio of a few lines in the third person e.g. “John is an experienced Tai Chi teacher from Germany….”. You can include one or two links e.g. to your website and Facebook page. We make contributor pages for our regular guest writers.



  • We welcome good quality images you have to go with your article. Please make sure they are copyright free and send us the source unless they are your own photos. We can also credit another photographer under the images if they’re not your own.
  • For the main picture, images can either be 16:9 minimum width 1024 x height 575 pixels or square 575 x 575 pixels. We can resize larger images if you need us to do that.
  • Images within the body of the text should be 760 pixels in width.


Sharing content

While we do not pay guest writers, we will support you in raising your profile through promoting your work:

  • Your content will be shared on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. We will always credit you fully. Please help spread the word by sharing on your own networks as well. We will let you know when your content will be published.

Please send your submission along with any images to info@taichi-at-home.com

Thank you!


Chapter 2: Tai Chi Practice


I'm a beginner, what do I need to know?

Welcome to your first encounter with Tai Chi! Tai Chi will make you feel great. Tai Chi will relax you, will give you new energy, create success and strategic thinking and an empathic mind. Also it will make you stronger.

There are some basic rules in exercising Tai Chi.

Never do anything that hurts. It can sometimes be a bit painful, but that generally feels like a good pain - not the warning pain of injury. Strengthening your body can be hard work, but again, that feels different than your body trying to alert you that something is not right for you. When your body tells you to stop, listen to it!


Can I practice Tai Chi when I'm in my menstrual cycle?

Some people prefer to stop practicing Tai Chi, and others keep going. Either way, listen to what your body tells you! A slower, more restorative practice might be beneficial.


How long does it take to feel the benefits of Tai Chi?

You will feel some benefits immediately, such as physically feeling tension release and the body opening and muscle strengthening. The "feel good" feeling that keeps people hooked on Tai Chi. Other benefits depend on how much you practice, and every person is different. But everybody will feel a positive change after a few weeks.


What are the benefits of practicing Tai Chi?

Tai Chi has many physical benefits: it creates a flexible, toned and strong body, and it improves breathing, energy and metabolism. Tai Chi improves circulatory and cardiac health. It improves fitness levels, relieves pain, and improves posture.

Tai Chi also provides mental benefits: it makes you happier, more balanced, and emotionally calmer. It helps you relax so you can handle stress better. Tai Chi encourages self-confidence and helps you to focus your energy. You will be more successful.

The spiritual benefits of Tai Chi are also important: Tai Chi teaches you to be aware—aware of what is going on inside and outside of you. Tai Chi teaches you to be present in your environment and open to what is all around!


I want to lose weight. Can Tai Chi help me?

Tai Chi helps to bring the body back into balance. For example, it helps to regulate the thyroid gland, which helps to regulate your weight. When you feel balanced and positive, you are less likely to eat when it isn’t right for you, and less likely to eat what is not right for your body.


I have a medical problem. Can I still do Tai Chi?

If you have medical issues you are not sure about, consult your doctor. We do not recommend that you attempt any of these Tai Chi exercises without suitable experience and supervision. We offer no medical advice. You should consult a medical practitioner before attempting any exercise and particularly Tai Chi, to ensure that you do not injure yourself. This is particularly important if you are overweight, pregnant, nursing, regularly taking medications, or have any existing medical conditions.

It is also true that practising Tai Chi is beneficial to reduce the impact for a great number of diseases. It is a kind of medicine. Especially for muscle and digestive problems, nerve problems, back and neck problems.


Can I eat before Tai Chi?

You want to have an empty stomach during a session, so leave at least 2 hours between a main meal and Tai Chi. Digestion of food requires energy and when you do Tai Chi after a meal, your energy goes to the muscles you’re exercising and the body can’t digest the food properly.


What's the best time to practice?

The morning is a great time to practice; you wake up stiff from the night, so opening up your body with some Tai Chi sets you up nicely for the day. In the evening, Tai Chi can be a nice way to unwind.

Whenever you can fit Tai Chi in, that's the right time for you!


How often and for how long should I practice Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is great ! Even when you practice for 1 hour a week, you will feel so much better already.

For some people that is enough. Others, because they feel so good with it, will naturally want to practice more.

If you can, practice 2 to 3 times a week. Everyday if you want of course. You can practice an hour or an hour and a half when you can, but don't let unrealistic expectations stop you from practicing 20 minutes, or even 10 minutes ! That is all you need to stay balanced, strong and flexible. So practice how much you can, when you can. And focus and be proud of what you do, rather than focusing on what you want to do.


Is Tai Chi a religion?

No, Tai Chi is not a religion. Tai Chi is a philosophy, a martial art. It provides a framework for spiritual growth and mastery over the physical and mental body.

When tracing Tai Chi formative influences to Taoist and Buddhist monasteries, there seems little more to go on than legendary tales from a modern historical perspective, but Tai Chi’s practical connection to and dependence upon the theories of Sung dynasty Neo-Confucianism (a conscious synthesis of Taoist, Buddhist, and Confucian traditions, especially the teachings of Mencius) is claimed by some traditional schools. The theories and practices are believed by these schools to have been formulated by the Taoist monk Zhang Sanfeng in the 12th century, at about the same time that the principles of the Neo-Confucian school were making themselves felt in Chinese intellectual life. However, modern research casts serious doubt the validity of those claims, pointing out that a 17th-century piece called "Epitaph for Wang Zhengnan" (1669), composed by Huang Zongxi (1610–1695 A.D.), is the earliest reference indicating any connection between Zhang Sanfeng and martial arts whatsoever, and must not be taken literally but must be understood as a political metaphor instead. Claims of connections between Tai Chi and Zhang Sanfeng appeared no earlier than the 19th century.

History records that Yang Luchan trained with the Chen family for 18 years before he started to teach the art in Beijing, which strongly suggests that his art was based on, or heavily influenced by, the Chen family art. The Chen family are able to trace the development of their art back to Chen Wangting in the 17th century.

What is now known as Tai Chi appears to have received this appellation from only around the mid-1800s. There was a scholar in the Imperial Court by the name of Ong Tong He who witnessed a demonstration by Yang Luchan at a time before Yang had established his reputation as a teacher. Afterwards Ong wrote: "Hands holding Taiji shakes the whole world, a chest containing ultimate skill defeats a gathering of heroes.”   


Chapter 3: Account & payment


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What does a subscription with taichi@home cost?

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How do I become a subscriber?

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Chapter 4: Technical Help


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