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5 of the Really Significant Concepts of How to do Tai Chi and Qigong (Chi Kung)

Practicing how to do Tai Chi and Qigong (Chi Kung) not only an action of our arm and the movementof the feet. There is a rationale along with each movement and method that is preformed. These schools of thought paved the way to making every style of Tai Chi and Qigong. So you have to pay close consideration on the items that aren’’t brought up each time because even though if it seem so basic, they are really imperative.

This is 5 of the really significant concepts of how to do Tai Chi and Qigong properly that a person can never take lightly. Keep in mind them and they will make you appreciate more the style that are done.

1) Tai Chi and Qigong is done with importance on every action and the way of every pattern ought to be connected with each other. This means each action preformed must constantly begin from the spine, going down to the waist, after that moving lower to the legs and the feet, then it is concurrently going up to the body then the arms, hands and last, the fingers.

2) Maintain our shoulders relaxed so that all stress will be eradicated. Shoulders that are always propped are said to have overflowing tension.

3) Your wrists must constantly be straight so as to form a “lady’’s” hand if you are doing the Cheng method. The points pertain to all form of how to do Tai Chi but the “lady’’s” hand is fundamental and definitely significant attribute of the Cheng method in order to build the Chi power circulating in your body.

4) Moving slowly should constantly be experienced each step of the way. It can never be overstated because the slow smoothness of your actions will develop the union of your body and your environment.

5) Never let anything disconnect you. You ought to constantly keep connected with each instruction. If we have been disconnected, keep on performing the actions and listen carefully to the instructions so that you can prevail overall disruption.

Terry  – Qigong Vitality


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