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This is the short form of William CC Cheng - named after the Chinese teacher who compiled this form.

William CC Cheng’s theory about Tai Chi: T’ai Chi Ch’uan is an internal martial art system as well as an inner body exercise dealing with inner energy (qi) flow. The inner energy flow is directed by a feeling from the heart. As the awareness of the feeling gradual increases the slow motion of the fingers guide the palms outward and upward as the toes gently press downward. The soft slow motion of the movements is like Hawaiian hula dancing. I call the motions of T’ai Chi Ch’uan “Fingers Dancing with the feeling heart”.

When the feeling suddenly intensifies, the swiftly flowing qi triggers the fingers that drive the knuckles out for a punch. This is an energy (qi) punch without activating muscle tension.  The fighting art of T’ai Chi Ch’uan applies the inner energy (qi) for action while the muscles are used to help sustain the impact and provide support to meet the resistance. To be a good martial art fighter, he or she must fight. There is no shortcut. The same applies to the pushing hands.

This short Form exists of 60 elements and is based on the Yang style.

This is the hand form and created as a martial art. Nowadays people use the Form also for health purposes. Target groups for this video are All Levels.

Rudy van Cuyk has his own school in Eefde, called Art of Chi.

When practicing Tai Chi Chuan you calmly make smooth movements and with full attention.

You learn to stand firm in your base and move from relaxation from your middle (instead of out of your head). You also learn to experience breathing consciously. In the process, you develop skills that you quickly apply into everyday life. You can easily relax, cope better with stress and have more energy. Tai Chi Chuan also works against stress and burnout. In addition, your concentration gets better. You will feel healthier and it is comfortable in your own skin.

He who has mastered the Tai Chi Chuan techniques can just do 10 minutes exercise per day to maintain the feeling of relaxation and alertness.

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Three video versions:
Explanation of the Form 1.54 minutes V
Explanation of the Form, plus demonstration frontal 4.38 minutes
Explanation of the Form, plus demonstration backsite 4.38 minutes