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Frequently asked questions.

What does a subscription with taichi@home cost?

•A monthly subscription varies in cost, depending the content you choose. Pricing starts with only €4.99.
•Your subscription is automatically renewed each month. You are automatically rebilled at the end of every subscription period.
In other words, if you sign up for a monthly subscription, a charge will automatically be placed on your credit card or bank account or "incasso" at the end of your current subscription period.
•You can cancel your subscription via your personal account settings. It is easy. Your subscription will still be active and fully functional until the last day of your current subscription period, but please note that you are automatically rebilled just at the end of every subscription period. So, don't wait until the last day to cancel your subscription.
•Check out our free videos, browse around and subscribe when you're ready!

How do I become a subscriber?

It's easy!
•First, register to create an account.
•Log in with Facebook, Google or fill in the form; you'll be given the opportunity to become a subscriber at the end of the sign-up process.
•If you are already a member, log in, go to a specific video and you will be guided from there.

How do I pay in a secure way?

All our transactions are secure and processed by Adyen Payment Services. This is a certified and globally operating payment provider, via which you can use several (inter)national payment systems. For information see
We do not store your payment details on our servers.
You can pay online in various ways:
•in the Netherlands with Ideal (via bank accounts), or with a Visacard or Mastercard (credit cards);
•in all other countries with sometimes a local payment method, but also with a Visacard or Mastercard (credit cards).
You need to provide some details in relation to the renewal payment, which is done via “automatische incasso” or direct debit.

Please see our website for detailed payment instructions.

Visa uses "Verified by Visa" for extra security when paying online.
Mastercard uses "Mastercard Securecode" for added protection.

•Make sure your card is enabled for E-Commerce transactions. Also, ensure your card has not expired, or is not expiring soon.
•Most issuers (Visa, Mastercard) don't allow automatically recurring payments with prepaid credit cards. Although it is sometimes possible to pay for the first month of a subscription, the first recurring payment will subsequently fail.

My monthly subscription wasn't renewed

If your monthly subscription wasn't renewed automatically at the end of the month, we most likely couldn't debit your credit card or in the Netherlands the "automatische incasso" failed.
To get immediate access to the videos again, just log in to your account and subscribe again. All your Favorite videos and Downloads will still be there.